A really helpful journey through happiness. Ample time to reflect

A really helpful journey
Workshop Participant

It has helped me get perspective on my behaviours and assumptions.The light bulb moments when I realised how what I was doing wasn’t helping me and what I could try instead.

Light bulb moments
OC, Office Manager

Enabled clearer thinking, focused and pragmatic approach to hurdles. Motivated me to take active steps in my job. Improved confidence.
1) Better understanding of my personality and how I approach things
2) Ability to explore negative thinking
3) Help with how to find a different perspective
4) Practical tips

Enabled clearer thinking

Coaching has given me a space in which I can logically think through some of the issues that play on my mind but I often just push to one side. I have left every session with a refreshed outlook and with a new outlook on facing a particular problem. Its been a really beneficial experience for me. I have walked in to each session with a challenge that I have genuinely believed would be impossible to tackle. However Katy’s direction and use of different techniques always manages to breakdown the problem into something more manageable and I leave the session confident that the actions I have agreed with Katy are realistic and achievable.

A really beneficial experience
AR, Junior doctor

Very helpful. Our team is taking shape

Very helpful
Team Coaching

I am relating happiness to working more successfully, and being more resilient

Being more resilient
Workshop Participant

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